May 2018

Shrek The Musical!

Shrek has to be one of my favourite (non-Disney) animated films, so when I saw that Shrek The Musical was touring in my hometown for 2 weeks I just had to go! I recently attended the last showing at the Regent Theatre in Stoke with my fiancé Ben. Who for one, has never even seen… Continue reading Shrek The Musical!

April 2018

My Relationship With Football

With the end of the 2017/18 football season nearing and the chance of relegation sadly becoming more and more likely for my team, I thought it would be a great time to talk about my relationship with football. As this is one thing that I haven't really talked about much on my blog before and… Continue reading My Relationship With Football

March 2018

Life Update: What’s it like working for an agency?

So you've probably noticed that I have been very absent lately, both on my blog and on social media. And although I keep tweeting about finally being back, I then keep disappearing for days at a time once again. So first of all I wanted to apologise for my lack of content and interaction and… Continue reading Life Update: What’s it like working for an agency?